What happens at Bridgwater One?
You’ll enjoy sports, creative activities, meeting new people and worshipping God in a fantastic fun-filled few days. Brilliant facilities, excellent food, bonfire, barn dance and chill-time too; your perfect summer break!

Who are the leaders?
David, Helen, Catharine, and Paul are the Overall Leaders. They are committed to youth work and to sharing the good news about Jesus. Between them they have many, many years’ experience running camps and houseparties!

There will be about 25 leaders plus our team of cooks. The team includes many people who have led at Bridgwater in the past – the common feature is that they are all Christians committed to working with young people, having great fun and sharing what they know about Jesus with others.

Where is it held and what’s the place like?
At Hill House Christian Centre near Bridgwater in Somerset – it’s a great place with brilliant facilities. It’s about 20 minutes off the M5 and easily accessible by car. Go to the Location page where you will find all the answers.

Is it a Christian houseparty?
Yes – all the leaders are Christians. There is chance for everyone to get to know about God, and it is expected that you will be happy to participate in all the spiritual programme – worship of God is central to everything we do at Bridgwater. It doesn’t mean you need to be an expert, just willing to give it a go and respect others. Whilst people will share what they think, no-one will tell you what to believe – that’s up to you to decide. We try to make sure that everyone has the most fun possible whilst learning about God.

How much does it cost?
Bridgwater One costs £225. This covers accommodation, food and all the activities.

What will be food be like?
It will be great! We self-cater which means we have a team of cooks who provide just what you want to eat right through the houseparty. If you have a special diet we will provide what you need, and if you don’t like the main choices, there will always be alternatives available for you.

What should I bring?
See the kit list here.

Can I come if I’m not aged between 8 and 13?
Unfortunately not – we have to be firm on the age range for Bridgwater One.

Can I arrive late or leave early?
Unfortunately not – because Bridgwater One is a short houseparty we need you to be there from the beginning to the end.