Caterer and Cooks job description

In brief

  • Help providing for the nutritional and refreshment needs of members and other leaders during Bridgwater

To do what exactly?

  • Supporting the caterer in their planning and preparation of the Bridgwater menu
  • The preparation and delivery of the catering at Bridgwater, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocoa
  • Set up and maintain arrangements for leader drink making facilities (as well as for members during Bridgwater Two) and for leaders’ meeting drinks
  • Observance of all relevant food hygiene requirements

Special Responsibilities of Caterer

  • Plan and prepare the menu for Bridgwater One and Two
  • Ensure the observance of all relevant food hygiene requirements
  • Liaise with overall leaders regarding appropriateness, quality and cost
  • Be responsible for developing the shopping list before Bridgwater and liasing with overall leaders to ensure its delivery at appropriate times
  • Be responsible for monitoring stocks of food during Bridgwater, and communicating with overall leaders about and raising additional food orders as required
  • Have contact with other cooks in advance of Bridgwater
  • Give leadership and support to members of your team


  • The provision of food is an vital part of Bridgwater life, providing a service from which everyone on site benefits
  • Your relationship with God, the children you are caring for, the members and other leaders will have an effect on camp

And for everyone

  • Your relationshipwith God will be really important as you serve Him and other people at Bridgwater
  • Look out for the needs of others and try to care for members and leaders with practical, emotional and prayer support

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10