Welcome to Bridgwater! Here you will find out all the details of the next exciting houseparties for young people aged 8-13 and 14-18, running during October half term.

COVID-19 Update

We are delighted to confirm that we are planning to run Bridgwater One and Two in October 2021.

We have had the go ahead from Ventures to plan for residential houseparties this year and that means that we are now expecting to run Bridgwater at October half term! Of course, this is an exercise of faith – that the spread and effect of the COVID-19 infection is being actively reduced and that the direction of the reduction of government restrictions will be maintained. We are now positively planning and determined to make Bridgwater as good as ever but also safe for everyone.

We expect to have a fully developed plan to keep everyone safe at Bridgwater by the end of July. We will closely follow any regulations and guidelines from government about young people’s residential activities and we expect that these may include:

  • Rapid flow tests for 11+s on arrival
  • Social distancing and staggered timing for arrivals and departures
  • Reduced occupancy for some indoor spaces
  • Close adherence to any bubbles required (though we hope that the whole of Bridgwater might form one bubble)
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes in advance of and during the houseparties
  • Regular reminders about personal hygiene

By the time we run Bridgwater there will have been much more experience of managing COVID-19 in schools and through camps and houseparties that take place over the summer.

If you have any questions about how the Venture will be kept safe, or any other matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We might not immediately know the answer, but any questions will help us to understand concerns and issues and help us to work through what the solutions will need to be.

David, Helen, Catharine and team


Bridgwater One is for those in school years 4 to 8. There will be lots of fun activities, the chance to make great friends and a programme of meetings to explore God’s love for us.

We’re really sorry but Bridgwater One is currently fully booked for 2021.

More about Bridgwater One


Bridgwater Two is for those in school years 9 to 13 and has been running for more than 10 years. It is an opportunity for teenagers to explore and develop skills in creative worship, all whilst being part of a great community of friends having fun together and learning more about God.

More about Bridgwater Two

Bridgwater houseparties are led by a team who have worked together for many years and who have run summer camps since 1994 and Bridgwater since 2006! If you enjoyed any of these, Bridgwater 2021 is the place for you to be!

Bridgwater Ventures are part of the children and young people’s work of Church Pastoral Aid Society.