Welcome to Bridgwater! Here you will find out all the details of the next exciting houseparty for young people aged 8-13 running during October half term 2019.

Bridgwater One is for those in school years 4 to 8. There will be lots of fun activities, the chance to make great friends and a programme of meetings to explore God’s love for us.

More about Bridgwater One

Bridgwater Two is taking a break in the next school year – it will be back in October 2020. Bridgwater Two has been running for more than 10 years. It is an opportunity for teenagers, in school years 9 to 13, to explore and develop skills in creative worship. All whilst being part of a great community of friends having fun together and learning more about God.

Bridgwater houseparties are led by a team who have worked together for many years and who have run summer camps since 1994 and Bridgwater since 2006! If you enjoyed any of these Bridgwater 2019 is the place for you to be!

Bridgwater Ventures are part of the children and young people’s work of Church Pastoral Aid Society.