Group travel 2023

For 2023 we will offer a group travel option by train, which we hope will be helpful to parents and reduce the stress and cost of journeys to and from Bridgwater in August.

We plan to offer group transport options from Birmingham New Street, Derby and London Paddington. These are stations from which we expect that will be groups of members wishing to travel and with direct train services to Taunton (without changes). We anticipate that member groups from the Nottingham area will join group travel in Derby and that member groups from the Coventry area will join group travel from Birmingham. We anticipate that members from the Letchworth area will join group travel from Paddington. It is possible that we might be able to add additional stations depending on demand.

For group travel by train groups of up to four members will be accompanied by a leader and tickets bought using Family and Friends Railcards. It is possible that we might ask a parent or parents to make these journeys with members if we do not have enough leaders travelling from the relevant stations. Group travel by train will be organised.

We cannot confirm firm train times until summer timetables are published but we expect the approximate times to be (based on current services):

Bridgwater One

Out » Sunday 20 August
London Paddington1132Taunton1339
Birmingham New St1212Taunton1416
Return « Thursday 24 August
Taunton1253Birmingham New St1455
Taunton1205London Paddington1427

Bridgwater Two

Out » Thursday 24 August 
London Paddington  1148Taunton1415
Birmingham New St1212Taunton1416
Return « Monday 28 August 
Taunton1253Birmingham New St1455
Taunton1242London Paddington1446

We are aware that Bridgwater One involves Sunday travel and Bridgwater Two travel on Bank Holiday Monday. Although we hope that journeys are unaffected it is possible that there may be planned diversions and delays due to engineering works. We expect to know any details of these in advance. 

Transfer between Taunton railway station and Hill House Christian Centre will be in leader cars, with all drivers having being cleared to be official drivers for Bridgwater and with a second leader in each vehicle.

We need to make a charge to cover tickets, railcards, the cost of leader travel and transfers between Taunton and Hill House. We expect maximum costs to be £65 from Birmingham and Derby and £40 from London Paddington.

We should explain that group travel is organised by the Bridgwater team but is not part of your contract with CPAS Ventures. Because the arrangements are not part of the holiday contract payment will be through our independent charity Friends of Morfa Bay and Bridgwater. Although we aim to run group travel on a cost neutral basis, any surplus will be used by this charity to support those attending Bridgwater who might not otherwise be able to do so.

We anticipate being able to buy train tickets three months in advance, We will therefore be able to firm up on train times and costs in May. However, we would greatly value your early indication of whether you will want place(s) in group travel. Please complete this form to confirm your travel plans.

Please get back to us with any questions.

Good wishes

David, Helen, Catharine and Paul
Bridgwater Overall Leaders