Tribe Leader job description

In brief

  • Be responsible for the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare of dorm leaders and members in your tribe
  • Be responsible for the practicalities arrangements within your tribe

 To do what exactly?

  • Pray for your members and leaders, before, during and after Bridgwater
  • Contact the members and leaders in your tribe before Bridgwater – to build relationships and initiate activities
  • Deal with paperwork, health forms and banking throughout the week
  • With the leaders in your tribe, find time to capcy up and pray about your tribe and Bridgwater life
  • Take responsibility for members who are having or causing difficulties
  • Support dorm leaders in holding daily Bible Breaks, getting involved as required
  • Support dorm leaders in any practical roles if they need a break
  • Be aware of any special needs of members identified in advance or evident whilst at Bridgwater
  • Ensure that safety and risk assessment policies are applied at all times
  • Ensure the tribe is in the right place at the right time (meals, activities, meetings etc) with regular ‘head counts’ at these times
  • Ensure there is a sensible amount of discipline over bedtimes, getting up, tidying dorms etc
  • Liaise with and support other Tribe Leaders about inter-tribe issues
  • Ensure members have the correct kit for activities


  • Your role is to create a Christian family feeling where all are accepted and belong: your relationship with God will have a big effect on all members of your tribe
  • Your role is also responsible for dorm leaders being in the right place and supporting members; try to discourage them spending time in big groups with other leaders and encourage getting to know members; use overall leaders to support you in maintaining the right balance in this area

And for everyone

  • Your relationship with God will be really important as you serve Him and other people at Bridgwater
  • Look out for the needs of others and try to care for members and leaders with practical, emotional and prayer support

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10